Protect Your Family

We hope you and your family are remaining safe and healthy during this unique and scary time. During this global pandemic, BT Family Office continues to provide our clients with family office services as well as assist with any changing needs given current circumstances. We have shared some things to consider below. We are here to help you through this crisis.  

  • Healthcare Directives
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Wealth Transfer at Lower Basis Stock
  • Tax Lost Harvesting
  • Residential, Personal and Cyber Security
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Family Communication, Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Scenarios

Please reach out if we can help in any way.  We are working remotely to help flatten the curve, but are available at or by phone at the numbers listed on our contact page.  

Your Trusted Partner



BT Family Office is a trusted partner to families navigating the complexities and burdens of substantial wealth.  Our goal is to help families sustain their prosperity, values and legacy over multiple generations. 

We take a consultative and unbiased approach that is tailored to the unique and nuanced issues impacting your family.  We listen closely to your needs and do not shy away from challenges.  This is achievable through an individualized approach to working with your family, coupled with our robust experience and extensive network serving families like yours.  

As your family steward, we strive to be effective and efficient with your time and capital.  A partnership with BT Family Office is designed to help your family achieve simplicity, consistency, organization and confidence in your life.